I cannot tell you how disappointing the changes you made to Events are. You took away the ability to include early bird cut off dates for when pricing changes; you added a new payment method, withdrew it without telling anyone (causing chaos) and stopped emailing the event coordinator when someone registered. It was much more difficult to create the event this year. I can't help but wonder...WHY? None of the changes are for the better

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Hello @LoriFCAA ,


The new event tool is an entirely different system that ties into the builders used for current landing pages, emails, etc., it's not an update/overhaul to the older system. If something is missing, our devs are likely already actively developing the function, or exploring options for development. I'd recommend checking out event-related Ideas threads, especially those marked with [Events 2.0] in their title, for relevant requests to vote and voice use cases.


For "early bird" pricing, you can set specific dates that a ticket is available/visible for selection


Our devs are looking into contracting with other payment processors for events, since PayPal is now the only available option (since WePay ended their contract after December 31, 2023). For the relevant feedback threads:


Our devs are finishing the notification function of the newer event tool, and will be releasing it in a future update. 

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