Failing to recognize a long-time customer

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I've been a Constant Contact customer for many years. Every time I log on, at least once a month, I always check the box that says "Remenber Me." But CC doesn't. and every once in a while I get this response: "Greetings. We detected a new login from your account ... from a device that we didn't recognize. We've added some details below that might be handy. If this login was you, no worries! No further actions needed. If this wasn't you, we recommend updating your account password. Sign-In Details: ... IP address: ... Not a new login: I'm using the same device, at the same IP address, as always. Is this a sign of dementia on CC's part?
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Hello @AndrewK645 ,


Based on what you're describing, it sounds like something is regularly clearing your cookies, or you regularly login with something that masks your IP - such as a VPN or the incognito/private mode of a browser. In that regard, it's a simple functionality of the external program.


Our system does still require the occasional resubmittal of login and authenticator credentials, even if you've set the site to remember you. This typically happens every 60 days, but several factors external and otherwise can influence this frequency. 

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