Font changes when test email is sent

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I'm working on a new email campaign, and the font looks one way in Constant Contact and completely different once I send a test to my GMail inbox. Here is how it looks in Constant contact: And here is how it displays in the test email: The font I am trying to use is Raleway. Can you please help me troubleshoot why this is happening?
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Hello @dameun ,


The links won't work, you may need to alter the sharing / accessibility permissions so those with access to the link can at least view the files.


The issue you're describing, and from what I'm finding based on my test sends of your two recent drafts, seems more to do with the fact that Raleway isn't a widely available font type. I can't even paste the Raleway text directly into my work device's Word program without it automatically changing to Arial, since Raleway isn't available on it. For a lot of email programs, such as Gmail, it's 100% dependent on how the recipient has chosen for emails' text to display (default being Sans Serif).


If the receiving side's default elements and existing font options don't include the font type you've selected, there's nothing that can be done besides using a more basic, email-safe font type like Arial. Otherwise, you could also potentially utilize a screencap of the preferred font, and include the title sections as images, but this can lead to other display issues if the recipient doesn't allow images to display without manually approving/downloading first.

William A
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