Greeting tag when postin newsletter on Facebook

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Hello, We are using Constant Contact for many years. And share our newsletters through social posts on Facebook. But when Facebook users see our post and click to the newsletter they see the primary greeting tag which mentions ... my name! Very annoying! Is there a simple way to avoid this or is Constant Contact willing to replace the primary greeting tag with the secondary one? For now our solution is to - copy the newsletter - delete the greeting tag - send the copy to ourselves - share it as a social post on Facebook
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Hello @WilfriedC ,


This is a known issue with the current editor. At this time, the only easy workarounds would be:

  • Leaving off the greeting tag altogether
  • Making a copy of the email, removing the greeting tag, sending that copy only to yourself, and then using the link for that copy to post on social platforms and elsewhere.

I've tracked the issue to your account. If and when there's an update on it, our devs will notify you directly. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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