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Whether you’re a small business owner or a frequent customer, we all know how small businesses impact our communities. At Constant Contact, we recognize the unwavering dedication, resilience, and bravery it takes to carve out a unique identity as a small business. 


In the spirit of spreading love and appreciation, we invite you to join us in sharing your favorite small businesses. We encourage you to recount a story that captures the essence of what makes these businesses truly exceptional. By doing so, we can collectively shine a spotlight on their remarkable qualities and admire their grit and hardworking spirit. 


I have two, a nonprofit and a small local restaurant.

  1. Ruff House Rescue - a small local animal shelter focusing on the rescue and adoption of homeless pets. A vet checks every animal; they get a healthy diet, a safe kennel to sleep in and are shown to prospective adopters once they are comfortable/healthy enough. 🐶😸
  2. Hometown Heroes - three words Instagram Mac Attack. 😋Mac and cheese, chicken cutlet, buffalo sauce on a glorious hero

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You've inspired me, @Chris-S! I also have a business and non-profit:

  • The Fitchburg Cultural Council - Fitchburg, MA hasn't always had the greatest reputation, but that has been changing for several years, and the FCC is a huge part of that! They award grants for cultural enrichment and have a hand in everything from concerts, theater and dance performances, wellness, safety, and awareness programs, art workshops, city murals, scholarships, and events that show off how vibrant and diverse the city is.
  • That's Entertainment - This is my local "comic book store," but they've got a little something for everyone: toys, board and video games, books, vinyl, sports cards, game nights, etc. They're always my first stop when I'm gift shopping and they're one of those really hard to find "third places" that bring people together to socialize.

My favorite small business is is the Stearns Family Farm Stand! They sell fruit and veggies straight from their farm, homemade pies, and the most delicious ice cream made with milk from their cows. You can also find eggs, meat, cheese, jarred salsas, and more. In the spirit of supporting other small businesses, they sell jewelry, soaps, and artwork made by local artisans. The farm stand overlooks the most gorgeous, sweeping pastures. We are regulars there in the summer and fall!




I love when a retailer supports local makers!


The first is a non-profit called Women's Money Matters (formerly Budget Buddies) that comes to mind. They work with women on low-incomes to build financial confidence and security via instructional workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. They're based out of Boston. Arguably, financial stability is so critical and yet often overlooked so I think it's such a great initiative.


There is a restaurant the United Kingdom I dream of returning to. The Trellis Café, Tea Rooms and Garden in Rottingdean (not far from Brighton). During the pandemic while my (now) wife and I were long distance, we managed to spend a month in the U.K. down the street from this place and once discovered, went every other day. They were closed on our last day in town and I've lived with regrets ever since. If you're ever in the area, this place has the best darn cream tea. So much clotted cream...

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A favorite non-profit of mine is NHSCOT (and they're a Constant Contact customer!). They host events to promote and preserve Scottish culture. There's also the New Hampshire Highland Games up at Loon Mountain which is a blast to attend. I love hearing the sound of bagpipes and drums echoing around the mountains. I've been going almost every year since I was little!


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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