Legacy Event vs 2.0 - confirmation when primary contact joins a list (express vs implied consent)

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For CASL we need proof of express consent in Canada: A: Legacy version When someone registers using the Legacy options, a notification is sent to the account holder and the Contact subscription status is updated to EXPRESS and "subscribed by contact" if someone agrees to be added to the mailing lists. Conversely, if the Contact was previously subscribed as "express" but did not check the box this time when registering for the event, their subscription status goes to "implied". While the individual has not strictly retracted "express" consent, they have not re-confirmed it either, so the change to "implied" is questionable. B: 2.0 version Firstly, I am no longer receiving notifications when someone registers, which is extremely concerning. Secondly, the subscription status appears to be updated to EXPRESS if the individual agrees to be added to the mailing list, but with a notice "subscribed by you", which is incorrect. Has anyone else experienced these errors?

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Hello @NightShift ,


Our devs are looking into discrepancies caused by the contact permissions handling for implied vs express, and the event system's functionalities for event sign-ups that don't explicitly opt-in. I've tracked the issue to your account. If and when there's an update regarding it, the devs will notify you via email.

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