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Mismatched open and click rates


I am analyzing our email analytics for the month of February. Constant Contact's reporting dashboard says that our open rate is 34% and our click rate is 2% for the month. However, when I put all of the analytics from each email we sent (based on the reporting attached to each email) into the software we use to track these numbers, it shows me a 41% average open rate and a 6% average click rate. I manually did the math, too, to make sure the external software didn't have a glitch, then I exported the email reports into Excel and used a formula there. I came up with the same higher averages. At first I was attributing it to the apple privacy situation; however, a colleague pointed out that even if Constant Contact is adjusting how it reports open and click rates, my tracked average should match what's on the dashboard. Does Constant Contact calculate the open rate for a selected time range differently than the open rate for individual emails? I'm definitely not ruling out user error -- when something like this happens, it's typically because I did something wrong or am not seeing something specific that makes a difference. What am I missing here? Why are CC's reported averages so much lower?

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Hello @SNAadmin ,


I'd advise calling our general support so they can collect your calculated results, and provide further live troubleshooting to determine where there's a discrepancy or an issue with calculations on one side or the other.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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