Move a Contact from one list to another, once they have registered to an event

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Hi, I am sending invitations and promo to a set list but once they register for my event (registration in Clickfunnels), I would like to REMOVE them from the promo list. I currently figured out a Zap to find the Clickfunnels registrants and either add them or update them to be added to a funnel but I don't see a way to update them to be REMOVED from a list. I currently have to manually REMOVE them from the invitation/promo list before the next email is scheduled. Just one more step missing in the automation! SOOO CLOSE! Any ideas? Suggestions?
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Hello @Rock-ItFuel ,


If you're managing these contacts' registrations and list memberships through a 3rd party integration or program, we wouldn't really have any control of that functionality in place. You'd need to manually remove the contacts from the applicable list, once they've gone through whatever processes you need them to.

William A
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