Multiple blog posts to one email newsletter

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This seeeeems easy, but I haven't found anywhere that does it outside of (Weebly used to do this but they broke it when Square bought them)

What I want to do is:

  • Write blog articles on a random schedule
  • Create an email newsletter on a different random schedule and include a variable number of blog articles
  • Not have to create the email each time
  • Email is good looking, has the blog articles' title, beginning text, selected image, 'Read more' link

Is this as simple as multiple "Read more" blocks in an email saved as a template? And I just update the URLs?

In Mailpoet ( we could do this and just select the blog articles we wanted and hit send. Ditto Weebly. But Weebly broke and we're not on Wordpress any more. 

A 'yes' here could convert us to Constant Contact for website, database, email and everything.

Many thanks!


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Hello @QuentinL06 ,


If I'm understanding what you're asking for, then yes this would be possible. You'd start by making a reusable template, so it's already setup and ready for copying/creating from. Then, you'd add Read More blocks, with the blog post's URL being used to generate that block. If you need to add additional blocks, it's as simple as copying the block and inserting a different URL. If you need to remove blocks, it's as simple as clicking the little trash can. Once you're done, you can send the email. The next time you have a series of blog posts to promote, you'd copy/create from the reusable template, then make the necessary edits. 


See also:

Adding, arranging, and deleting blocks


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