Need WooCommerce to add contacts to specific segment, tag, or custom list

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I need to find a way to place contacts into groups automatically based on their WooCommerce purchases. Currently I'm only seeing a way to dump them in the pre-defined lists that are made with the WooCommerce integration or the general All WooCommerce lists. We sell software and have had several versions over the years. When customers order a new version of our software, we need to be able to segment them into groups based on what version they own. For instance, we'd send campaigns to owners of Version 3, 4, 5, and 6 to drive them to purchase Version 7. But we wouldn't want to send campaigns to Version 7 owners. How can I set this up to where I don't have to manually sort these groups to keep it in sync with new orders? Can this be done with existing plugins or do I need to look to Zapier or some sort of custom code?
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Hi @DavidM278. At this time, contacts brought over via the WooCommerce integrations will be sorted into the auto-generated lists. If you want to add them to an existing list or a new one, you will need to export the contacts manually and upload them into your account. 


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