"failed to load resource" for several constantcontact.com referred files

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Hi, am I right to assume that the following requests showing as blocked by my client (due to ad blocker) are only for tracking and are not necessary to allow in order to use constantcontact.com ? https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js/v84a3a4012de94ce1a686ba8c167c359c1696973893317 https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-138462344-1 https://glancecdn.net/cobrowse/CobrowseJS.ashx?group=20566&site=production https://cdn.pendo.io/agent/static/068cb876-3743-40da-4a2e-d5c8d0f85fcf/pendo.js https://js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-spa-1.252.0.min.js https://datacloud.tealiumiq.com/cc/main/2/i.gif https://visitor-service.tealiumiq.com/cc/main/018dd6b3459b0013d9f1c3d22d7a0506f002006700fb8?callback... https://cdn.optimizely.com/js/21080080481.js Thanks.. new user, annoyed by the slowness of page loads in ConstantContact. I can click on Create with Templates button on the welcome page and it takes > 22 seconds for the new page to attempt to load. The functionality of the loaded page seems to work otherwise.. I notice a Google Analytics error message a couple seconds before the browser attempts to load the new page that says "Error failed to track action" . This happens any time I click on one of the menu items like Home or Reporting, or the Create with Templates button; probably other places too that I haven't tried. Don't you think this level of tracking scripts is a bit over-the-top? Maybe if I just allow the google analytics script it will work more quickly.
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Hi @KennethL563. This could be a case of a security program blocking IPs or URLs that affect the ability to either view an email or work in the editor. I have a few articles from our Knowledge Base regarding safe listing our IPs and URLs and I recommend taking steps to add these to your safelist:


Safelist Constant Contact web domains in a security program
Images blocked by a browser

Images not displaying in an email client



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