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I am a very frequent Constant Contact user over multiple client accounts. I just tried the new Event Tool and discovered this morning that the only way to send a reminder email to nonresponders is to start completely over, from scratch, to create that email to send to responders. No way to resend an email within the Event Tool to nonresponders as there is using regular email tool. Why not??? It's double the work to start completely over, so I'm forced to copy and resend the first email message adding "If you have not already done so" above the register button. Which means I'm resending to responders, and inviting unsubscribes. Ugh. Clunky! I had expected better after all the trumpeting about the new tool. 

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Hello @MadeleineC9 ,


You can copy email invitations within the event and send them to non-responders. Our Knowledge Base team is still working on getting the articles for non-responder email types made, but the steps are pretty straightforward in the event tool:


Step 1: Go into your event's dashboard and select Create email.



Step 2: Select Copy an existing email.



Step 3: For the first part, select the invitation email's name from among the recent options. Give the copy a fitting name, such as Resend of Event Invite 1. Set the copy to be an email explicitly for the non-responders. 

step 3.png

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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I finally found the answer! Thank you for sharing this because customer support didn't know.

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