New problems with CC. WHAT HAS CHANGED?

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I am having numerous issues the last 2 weeks or so.

1. SIMPLY TYPING. It just stops typing.

2, Won't erase whole lines by backspacing. It just stops moving.

3. Previews are all screwed up. One time it send no images and only part of the written copy. Second time was better but still unacceptable. Images were there but text below that had been deleted and replaced was shown?

4. Pop up edit bar doesn't show up half the time to do edits on certain items?


This is not acceptable for the price we pay for this service. BTW, I have been on CC since 2008 or so.

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Multiple users have now reported this issue where the text boxes lose focus after 10 seconds, but for some reason the posts are getting deleted/archived and/or the threads locked.


Unfortunately, the information being shared here is not accurate and therefore not helping anyone with this issue.


This is a known issue as confirmed by the reps in chat and from partner support.


This is not a connectivity issue, nor is this a Chrome issue. 


This bug has been confirmed on multiple OSs and in multiple browsers, and occurs ONLY on Constant Contact


We the users would greatly appreciate if you would take this seriously, as it is affecting many many customers.


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The issue where the typing stops is due to the issue where the text boxes are losing focus, as mentioned numerous times in this forum in the last two weeks.  That is not a connectivity issue, but instead has been confirmed as a known issue by tech support.


This bug is repeatable on multiple OSs and in multiple browsers and occurs only on Constant Contact.  Please look into this.

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Hi @fineschmecker and @MonteH31. Our teams are aware of a delay in typing in some campaigns and it is being looked into. We don't have any additional information to share at this time in regards to a fix. 


@fineschmecker - The typing issue should not affect images so this will need to be troubleshooted separately. Is this only occurring in your account or within test emails as well?


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NB - this is not a "delay" in typing.  Typing becomes impossible because the text box has lost focus.  It is necessary to click back into the text box to continue typing.


Please spread this info around to your employees so they stop providing incorrect advice regarding it being a connectivity issue or telling people it is just a problem in their computer, neither of which is accurate nor helpful.  Thank you.

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