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Hi All,

I am a literacy expert and am working on an advocation, awareness and education platform for nationwide use. What is the best way to obtain useful email addresses for interested parents, students, home schooling teachers, private school communities, legislators, and friends? I have more social media contacts than email contacts. Any suggestions are much appreciated as I am just getting started.


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Hi @BrandieL64, great "Newbie" question that I think most experts even ask themselves. I have a few suggestions you could try.


Offer valuable resources like ebooks, guides, or printable worksheets related to literacy. To access these resources, visitors need to provide their email addresses. Host Webinars or Workshops: organize online events focusing on literacy topics. Require attendees to register with their email addresses. Another idea is to offer bonus content related to your blog posts or articles in exchange for email sign-ups.


Hope this helps!

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Hello and welcome @BrandieL64! If you have a good social media following, this is the best place for you to share your sign-up forms. I recommend letting your followers know exactly what they'll receive and if there's any special content that might only be shared through email. 

Sign-up forms are incredibly useful for your followers if they are looking to receive information related to their interests. This way, it's sent directly to their inboxes and your messaging won't get lost in the algorithm. 


Our Blog team created an article that guides integrating your email and social media marketing.


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Thanks for the helpful ideas. I am excited to be working with a team. 

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