How do I get started building an email list?

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Building your list is the most important thing to filling your sales pipeline. Most prospects are not ready for what I refer to as "The Big Three”: 

  1. Sign Up
  2. Call Now
  3. Let's Talk Now


Instead, getting the email address and building rapport by sending value and authentic content to their inbox is the magic that sets the table for the sales you are looking for.


Here are the ways I coach my clients to get started with building their email lists:


  • Through your CRM or business software: capture your existing customers so that you can market to them. They are the easiest to obtain another sale from.

  • Through your website: This is your home base and your "storefront" of your business online. Most visitors to your website are prospects of varying degrees of interest. Do not let them leave your website without getting their email address.

    Provide them with an irresistible offer to capture that email address. Constant Contact plugs right into your website and lets you build static (embedded or inline) forms and pop-up (interactive) forms. These are the critical components needed to begin building your sales funnel with valuable prospects so you can build rapport with them and nurture your relationship.

  • In-person: in your storefront, at events, at trade shows. Capture the email through text-to-join, or a QR code set to open a lead generation landing page with your signup form on it (easily built in Constant Contact in minutes!)

  • Business cards: download the Constant Contact mobile app and use the card scanner to bring business card data right into your list of choice!


What methods have you used to grow your contact lists?

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.


I appreciate reviewing these helpful suggestions for growing contacts! I don't have my own business currently (hey, maybe someday I'll start my own art business), so it's good to keep this stuff in my back pocket.


As a prospective contact for other businesses, though, I'll say that the "don't let them leave your website without getting their email address" resonates with me the most. I tend to stumble onto a lot of art websites, scavenging for useful art tips. If, during my visit, a pop-up jumps at me offering more exclusive content like a robust tutorial series in exchange for my email address, well... chances are I'll sign up.


I think that's a good takeaway to call out, but of course it depends on the nature of your business. Maybe the incentive you offer is an expanded version of the free thing the prospective contact is currently viewing.

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This is some really great info @ACTIVATE . Thank you for sharing. We have a new area in the community focused on List Growth and Contact Management based on some of your insights.


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