No way to replace an image?

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I don't know if I am going crazy, but I could have sworn that in the past I was able to "Replace" an image that was already uploaded to Constant Contact.

I am no longer seeing this option and would like to request that you bring it back because it is very helpful.

Example: We sent an email campaign with someone's old logo; they have since sent us the new one to be replaced.  The "Replace Image" function used to allow us to swap out the logo and the new one would display immediately in the emails that were already sent, which was wonderful because we didn't have to do a re-send. 

Please bring this function back or tell me how to do it if it's already there but hidden somewhere because I can't find it.


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Hello @Marisa_M ,


Document replacement is and has been available, but replacing an image through the Library hasn't been a thing since inserted Library images are embedded into emails. If you are looking to have images be replaceable (even in already sent emails), then you'd need to use the insert by URL method, as changing the image associated with that exact URL should cause the sent image to also change. Please keep in mind that caches may take a 24-hr cycle to refresh or manual clear to reflect the changes.

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