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Open plus not open totals don't add up to total sent

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I'm using the Contact "create segment" page to find my least engaged contacts, but I'm confused because the numbers are not making sense to me. When I query who has received an email in the past year, the total returned is 5,270. When I query who has received an email in the past year and opened an email in the past year, the total is 4,172 When I query to has received an email in the past year and has not opened an email in the past year, the total is 714. Should total opened plus total not opened equal the number who received an email? Here, the total who have opened plus the total how have not opened is 4,886. These leaves 384 contacts who are reported as having received an email but are not in their the opened or not opened segment! Can anyone explain this to me? Any help in this will be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @LornaWright ,


Have any of the contacts included in the sent total been deleted from your account since sending to them? Have you used any functionalities like Quicksend to send an email to a contact after the email was initially sent?


I'd advise calling our general support so they can go over the reporting directly with you, and find any specific example contacts that aren't showing up between the total-send and open+DNO total. Or to see if our Tier 2 support team can run anything to try and identify the exact source of the discrepancy. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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