Partial SPF fails in most DMARC reports

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Why <spf>fail</spf> in the 'policy evaluated' section (far below)?
Do I need our spf record to 'include' a domain of yours as well as the current reference to ip4: CIDR address block we currently have published?


Is it possible you to include a sender and envelope_from identifier set to match the header_from identifier?  We are getting mismatches between envelope_from and header_from reported in Dmarc reports such as Outlook.


Is there ANYTHING we could adjust in our DNS to improve evaluation of a record like this?


DMARC report from Outlook email host ending May 1, 2024




































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Hello @user24402 ,


Please call our Delivery team for advanced troubleshooting and insight on your SPF records.


See also:

Email Authentication FAQ

William A
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