Re: Newsletter messed up

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This has happened to me as well.  I switched browsers, but, it is still shifting the copy next to the pictures I have on the screen.  Any solutions?

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Hello @SODNewsletter ,


I checked out your latest newsletter, and I'm thinking (based on the original thread you relied to as context) that you might've been referring to the layout with the text spacing and the promotion images on the lefthand side? I made a copy of your email, and rearranged the promotions so each image and their caption would have their own row. This was when a mobile email app rearranges the layout, and if a desktop program does to some degree, it should maintain the integrity of the images with their respective texts. You're more than welcome to utilize, tweak, and send out the CSC_REARRANGE_ copy I made if you so desire. 


With that said, if this isn't what you're referring to, would you be able to provide a screencap or video clip of the issues you're experiencing?

William A
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