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Recent activity for contact shows an email was opened but also undeliverable?

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Good morning, I am currently cleaning up my contact lists, so I am investigating contacts who have recently had an email that was undeliverable. When I look at the Engagement-->Recent Activity part of the contact details for some contacts, I am seeing situations where an email was 'opened' but also 'bounced as undeliverable'. For example: Apr 17, 2024 11:05am • Bounced as undeliverable • Email • for [email name] 11:03am • Opened • Email • [email name] 11:03am • Was sent • Email • [email name] These people have had previous undeliverable emails (some opened and some not). How is it possible that an email was undeliverable but was also opened?

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Hello @user18939 ,


Undeliverable email addresses are like getting a busy signal on your phone. When we attempted to send the email, it means the ISP didn't respond, so we'll keep trying to deliver the email for up to 3 days. In the email's reporting, the contact shouldn't be included among the Undeliverables if we were finally able to get it through, but their engagement notes will still show the initial failed attempts. 


For more info on bounces and how to manage them, make sure to check out this article

William A
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