Resolving redirects via automation code

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Hi CC Community, I'm a cyber security professional and I am looking for a way to resolve the links behind redirects in an automated fashion. The reason for this is the huge uptick in bad actors abusing Constant Contact for phishing. I'm looking for a good way to resolve the links so we can filter out redirects malicious websites. Currently CC is doing a very poor job of vetting links and many users are clicking on malicious phishing links using redirects. Correct me if I am wrong, but the actual URLs don't seem to contain the destination URL so parsing the URL is out. I've also tried making a GET request using the URL but CC seems to detect this is an automated request and is not displaying the final destination URL. So please let me know if there is a good way to retrieve the destination URL. If there isn't this needs to be built in to CC's platform as we will have to block the if we can't solve this. Thanks for the help.

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Hello @AlecD25 ,


If you're receiving suspicious emails from customers of ours, I'd strongly advise forwarding those to abuse(at)constantcontact(dot)com or reportphishing(at)constantcontact(dot)com, so our Compliance teams can investigate further and take action as needed.


All links in emails sent through our system that result in click tracking will be rewritten. The rewritten URLs do not contain the destination URL, so there wouldn't be a way to extract this from the rewrites. 


It may be worth reaching out to our Web Services / Developer support, to see if they'd have any further insight on setting up something in your system to further vet the links. 


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If you have questions regarding our system but have no intention of being a custom of ours, I'd advise calling general support or reaching out to support in a manner that doesn't require creating an entire trial account. Otherwise, you're likely to start receiving automated marketing emails and emails/calls from our onbaording teams. To spare you this, I've marked your account for Do Not Call, and cancelled the trial. 

William A
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