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I am a rookie with Constant Contact and we are using Salesforce as our CRM.

I would like to create an email we could send out to our email list (around 2000) and create check boxes that the use would select which emails they would want.  I believe we can do this in CC using check segmentation, but I would like it to also update the check boxes in Salesforce.

I tried to start doing this using checkboxes and I don't see an option to do this in CC. 

Some of the checkboxes we would want would be like (see below)

  • Events
  • Horse Shows
  • Rolling Hills Ranch
  • Freedom Hills 
  • Volunteering
  • Day Camps
  • Etc (somthing we might add latter.

Any help doing this -  Is it even possible?



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Hi @PatrickD68. Salesforce would be best to address this inquiry if you use that program to collect email addresses and not a Constant Contact sign-up form. They will be able to see what is possible for having contacts select what lists they wish to join.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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