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We are a international company. We need to have the date/time to be available to send on a universal time like:

If we want to send at 9:00am EST then send it to the people around the world at 9:00am their time.


So basically just have a system that looks at the time to send and optimize it based on UTC clock.. not the USA time zone were we are!

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Hello @WAIChuck ,


This can be done by scheduling separate emails based on either a segment or list made with those different locations in mind. For example, you could make a segment of all contacts you've imported with (for example) Contact Details > Country > United Kingdom. Or you can do a search of your contacts based on their country, and then make a list out of those search results to send to. Then schedule their copy of your email for the time you believe they should be receiving it. 


Account elements involving time and time zone will always default to the account's time settings.

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Unfortunately we work with 71 different countries so that would not be possible and most of our members read their emails before they go into plants.

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