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Trigger Automation Based on Custom Field

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I have a custom field "Paid 2024" that is populated with a "1" when a contact pays their 2024 dues. I would like to trigger a "Thank you for Renewing Your Membership" email on that field being changed from a blank to a "1". Does anyone have a suggestion for this use case? The only trigger I see in the automation path is trigger when a contact is added to a list. I'd rather not have to create a list.

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Hello @GretchenS337 ,


My recommendation would be to have an automation setup that triggers from list joins to a list meant for these 2024 dues. Once you've changed a contact's custom field value, you'd add them to the applicable list, thus triggering the automated email. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks William_A


I had thought of that but was really looking to avoid a 2 step process and having another list.  




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