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EVERY business owner wants to know WHY someone is electing to unsubscribe.  I.e. getting too many email alerts; no longer interested;  found a better resource; [ free text reason ].   We prefer that when a person clicks unsubscribe that it directs them to OUR unsubscribe page, where they can answer those questions then we forward the "unsubscribe" request to our list in Constant Contact.  OR, as an alternative, Constant Contact must provide the option for us to customize the Unsubscribe landing page so we can collect that information.


SECOND ISSUE:  We need both lists synced.  For example, if someone unsubscribes on our WEBSTITE how is that information shared with CC.  AND if someone unsubscribes on CC, how is that information shared with our database so they match. Syncing is critical here, obviously.  Someone must have already considered this and has a simple solution.


thank you

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Hello @JosephS321 ,


You can toggle unsubscribe feedback in your account settings. For legal and compliance reasons, we MUST have the email unsubscribe link flow through our system. There wouldn't be a way to have this redirect your external website.


If there isn't an existing integration between the site builder you use (if applicable), then you can look into developing an integration for your site that connects with our API. Otherwise, it'd be a matter of manually syncing the two systems with contact imports and exports. 


See also:

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