Unable to continue creating product using action block

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Hi, I started successfully to link my woocommerce site to CC and started a new campaign. I created some products using action block and the link with my website worked very well. I did a pause for some days and restarted to work on my campaign today but for a reason I ignore it was impossible to change the products from those product blocks I created or even delete them. Any help?

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Hi @XavierL5. This is a noted issue we've seen with our product blocks and it is being reviewed. There is a workaround to delete the block or insert a product. Click into the block and under the header, you'll see a greyed-out toolbar that says Insert Product and has a trash can. Using a mouse with a scroll button or a touchpad (not the scroll bar on the right side of the page), scroll to the top of the campaign until you see the toolbar highlight where you'll be able to select either "Insert Product" or the trash can. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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