What are some social media posting tips?


Social media keeps us connected, allows us to market at our fingertips, and allows us to engage with customers directly. Many customers who are just starting out or in need of expanding their audience want to utilize social media more in their marketing strategy. So what are some tips to keep in mind when posting on social media? Well, you want to choose which social media platforms work best for your business. As you develop your social media expertise, you may discover more about your audience or recognize opportunities on other platforms. Play around with what works best for your business and customers.


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Know your audience; find out who you want to reach. Different places have different people with different interests. Make sure your content appeals to them. Be consistent; Post regularly so your followers stay interested. Whether you post daily, weekly, or biweekly, consistency helps people remember your brand. Focus on quality; make sure your content is valuable to your audience. This means creating interesting articles, fun videos, or cool images that match your brand’s style.


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Community Coach

One of the keys to social media success is to think about it in some ways like showing "what is behind the curtain".

For creative businesses this is an easy step: show work in progress, show your process, let them see in a natural and authentic way what goes on to make your product or service. For non-creative businesses, you can still do this by featuring updates and fun tidbits about what is going on in the day or life of your team members, ie: a fun picture of a group eating together or a quarterly meeting with high fives, etc.  

People look at social media with the intent and desire to see something fun and authentic in small bite-sized bites. So resist the urge to use Social Media to repeatedly promote your business, but rather think of it as a special environment where you can be *less* business focused and more relatable.

Aaron Wesley Means

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The #1 tip I have for business owners is if you are not a "social media person" delegate it to an agency, contractor or employee to handle it for you so they can post on your behalf. 


A good social media posting plan may look like this below: 


  • Capitalize on Key Dates: Identify significant days of the year and plan promotions around them. This can help you stay relevant and engage with your audience around trending topics.
    • Example Actions:
      • Preschedule Posts: Use scheduling tools to plan your posts in advance. This ensures a consistent posting schedule without last-minute stress.
      • Batch Work: Create content in bulk. Working in batches can streamline your workflow and maintain a cohesive look and feel across your posts.

Content to Post:

  • Leverage Customer Interactions: Review your emails to identify common questions or concerns from your audience. These insights can inspire valuable content that addresses their needs directly.
  • Showcase Your Work: Post photos of your projects or completed work to highlight your expertise and achievements.
  • Client Visits: When visiting a client, take a photo together and tag them. This not only personalizes your content but also extends its reach through the client’s network.


  • Understand Your Audience: Aim to attract a specific demographic by thinking like your target customer. Consider the questions they ask via email and the advice you typically offer them.
    • Customer Insights: Share behind-the-scenes content by posting a video explaining a current project with a customer.
    • Example Post:
      • Problem-Solution Format: "A customer approached us with [INSERT PROBLEM]. We recommended [INSERT SOLUTION]."
    • Call to Action: Encourage potential customers to contact you. For instance, you could say, "Have you or someone you know experienced this? Call us or email [insert email address] to discuss possible solutions!"
Lindsay Joy Higgins
L2L Creative Group
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