What’s an important lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?

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After starting 5 businesses and selling 3 of them, with more businesses on the way, serial entrepreneur Ramon Ray has learned several valuable lessons on his journey as a small business owner.


In a recent conversation between Dave Charest and Ramon Ray,  Ramon mentioned that while it’s important to generate recurring revenue for your business and establish a great team, the real magic happens when you can identify your ideal customer and leverage your tools and your team to curate a customer experience that keeps them coming back. 


What is an important lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?

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Right from the beginning (and we are talking 1965) I had a sense that honesty, compassion and kindness, to "customers," clients, associates, partners, was essential to live a good life.  But this was a lesson that had to be learned over and over.  I continue to learn.  Having a business and being responsible for (customers, the audience, partners etc.) put me in a position where learning this lesson is essential and I'm constantly being tested.  That's where I live with this concept of what I have learned.  Anything that feels like manipulation or feels dishonest like $4.99 I avoid if I notice it.  And I'm learning to notice it more and more. 


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Thanks for sharing @Corky! My grandfather was a teacher for most of his career and I remember him constantly saying, "Never stop learning, kid." That reminds me of your lesson :smileyface: It sounds like you have a winning formula for not only your customers, but for your team and for yourself. Bravo!

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