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iCloud email addresses

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Can we prevent potential customer from using the temporary email addresses (the new hide my email feature avail from Apple) from signing up for our email lists? It's not beneficial and is creating a lot of bounces when we send out newsletters?? Is it possible to ban/restrict all domains??

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Hello @FirstNameL868698 ,


reCaptcha and similar programs can prevent bot signups, but there's nothing really in place for blocking what are ultimately legitimate email addresses. If these addresses result in bounces, then we'd recommend unsubscribing and removing them. Please see our article for managing and preventing bounces for more info. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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These are not real email addresses, in so much that they are delivered to the customer, but they are only good for a few days/weeks until Apple or the user no longer needs it and it is deleted.  The email addresses are easy to spot as they contain a regular patter like:

these emails get delivered but then are deleted after a few days...and the email address that remains is not good and all the subsequent campaigns simply bounce and are undeliverable.  

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