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The View as Webpage link seems to respect the user's font, size, bold & italic properties for the text, but not color or lack of underline: it's always shown as underlined blue text. Can't you make this respect our choice of color and underline? Your workaround of sending a mailing to yourself, then copying the automatic link and pasting it as a regular link into a copy of the mailing is unappealing because it results in two campaigns for every mailing. Please give the developers a nudge--they're almost there, but not quite...

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Hello @CarolynH516 ,


If your View as Webpage version of the email is always showing links as blue and underlined, that would indicate a setting on your browser or some kind of extension/security program causing all links to show a particular way. All of my links in my emails' VaW formats show exactly as they do in the sendouts and previews - coloring, lack of underline, etc.


If your issue is that the VaW link itself always reverts back to blue and underlined, regardless of your email's settings, then that would be an issue our devs have received reports about. If that's the case, then the workaround would be the only option at this time until the issue is resolved.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Ordinary links show up in the chosen color & underlining, it's only the automatically-generated View as Wepage link that displays in underlined blue in the sent email. (Text > Insert > View as Webpage) The web version of the email looks just the same as the email copy. 

Please add us to the list of people requesting that this deficiency be corrected.

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Please add my name to the request for getting this fixed! The font color is completely different from every other color I'm using. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to get fixed. Please move this higher on your list. As a CC client since 2007, you've made massive strides on this product but a simple font color fix when you want to View as a Webpage would truly make my newsletter look more professional. It's actually embarrassing because it is a complete mismatch of my colors. Thanks much. 

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Workaround for this problem:


1. Type "View as Web Page" in your message and make it be an ordinary Web Page link with any dummy URL.


2. Schedule the mailing to go out tomorrow.

3. The confirmation page has a link to the web page for the message. Copy that address.

4. Unschedule the mailing and resume editing it.


5. Edit the "View as Web Page" link and change its URL to the address shown on the confirmation page.


6. Send the mailing. The link won't work until the mailing goes out, and then it will. (So it won't work for Preview & Test.)

I tried this, and it worked for me--the web page URL for the mailing didn't change even after I further edited the message. Don't know if there are things that would cause it to change, but if you schedule the message in Step 6 above for a few minutes hence, you can check to ensure that the new confirmation page has the same address you put in the View as Web Page link.

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