"r20.rs6.net refused to connect"

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I am running a VPN and noticed that the Constant Contact servers are refusing to connect.


The organizations that are sending me materials via email include helpful links, but none of them are direct links. They are all sent through Constant Contact servers to measure the click through rates.


How can end users make these links work without disabling their VPN connection?

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Hello @JoeyR366 ,


A lot of VPNs will typically have a setting that allows certain links to go through or operate as needed for tracking / redirecting. I'd recommend looking into your VPN's settings to see if that's available. Otherwise, you can also try contacting whoever your IT person is (if applicable) to try safelisting our domains.


Since link tracking is required by Compliance, there isn't a way to disable the tracking links / rewrites. If you're continuing to run into issues, it may be worth reaching out to the VPN company to see if they have any further insight or guidance they can provide that's specific to their programming.

William A
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