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Cash Management Customers (


Hi, I work for a bank and we send out very few emails a year. The ones we do send are important and we'd like as much click through as possible. On this email, there are multiple pages, so I opted to have a click button for all of them. Maybe that wasn't the right choice? Choosing a Subject line has also been tricky, because many of the bank-related words I choose aren't allowed through. For this one I chose Subject: Cash Management Customers and Pre Header: Important Information for You! This had a 52.9% open rate and 18.6% click rate. Any suggestions appreciated!


Hello @user64124, and thanks for sharing. I don't have a lot of experience in the financial industry, but I can make a few suggestions


The call to action (CTA)


  • The "Review Document" CTA is clear but could be more engaging.
    • Suggestion: make the CTA button more prominent with a larger size and contrasting colors. Use action-oriented text like "Learn More" or "View Details".

Additionally, I brainstormed a few subject lines.

  1. Important Updates for Cash Management Customers
  2. Essential Info: Transaction Deadlines & Security Updates
  3. New ACH Rule Amendments and Holiday Schedules
  4. Stay Informed: Key Dates and Changes for Cash Management
  5. Action Required: Review Your Cash Management Details

Hope this helps!




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I'll piggyback off of Chris and say that if you have access to a graphic designer, maybe you could have a cover for the report created that is a bit more visual and appealing and then insert that either along with the button (but make the image clickable, too) or just on its own. You could also get away with using the first page of the document turned into a JPG or PNG file, but it doesn't have a lot of visual flair.


Maybe even include some additional copy in the email itself that highlights some of the major talking points within the PDF.


I'd also recommend moving your logo to the very top of the email and making it clickable to your website. I'd also include additional information at the bottom like you would see at the bottom of a website (it would include business name, contact information, social media if you have it, maybe a smaller version of your logo).

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