Feedback on my letter template


I would love feedback on our email template. Thanks!



Hey @BennettR4, thanks for sharing! I love the layout and branding you have achieved with your email; it's visually appealing and looks like a professional has created it.


  1. Comprehensive Updates: the email provides a thorough update on various aspects, including leadership changes, events, and prayer requests. ✔️
  2. Engaging Content: the newsletter includes personal messages and highlights from the Director, which helps build a connection with readers. ✔️



  1. Your images are effective, consider making key images clickable to drive engagement. They could link to the same place as your "Read More" buttons.
  2. Consider making CTAs "Give" and "Serve" more prominent with larger, contrasting buttons.


That's all I persoanlly have to offer. I think it's a very effective newsletter. Hope these suggestions help!





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Community Coach

@BennettR4 I agree with @Chris-S's suggestions and I also have these comments:

-I love the fun vibe you have achieved with this.

-I love how short it is. Even though you handle a few topics, they don't have to scroll. You are effectively using the "read more" buttons, kudos on that.

-Since your email isn't super long, explore dragging the featured images in each section (or at least the top and bottom) to be full screen. This gives a big beautiful vibrant immersive feel to the photos especially for important items like introducing a new program director. Keep in mind these all stack and go full screen on mobile automatically so can't hurt to make a copy of your build and take a look at it on desktop with that larger photo approach.

-Consider having you social buttons at the top as well

-Consider also embedding elements that allow the viewer to share - "share on social" and "forward to friend" are amazing ways to help spread and grow awareness and financial support for important nonprofits. 

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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