Please give me feedback on my template


Please let me know how can i improve the layout, call to action and content. I would like to have the click rate improved


Hi @WanderleyR9. Thanks for coming into the Community!


Your branding is so clean! With its simplicity, I can focus on the images which are the selling point of promoting your staging services.


For improving the call-to-action, there isn't anything for me to click on until I get to the very bottom of the email. I recommend replicating the toolbar at the bottom of the email and including it at the top as well. For the "read more" text, for me, I don't know what exactly I would be seeing if I clicked the button. It goes to your homepage. Is there a specific page on your website that you can promote here? Looking at your website and comparing it to the email, I don't see the Free Consultation advertised. Maybe this can be used in the email instead of a generic "Read More" button. Make sure that your email address is linked as well!


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hi @WanderleyR9!


I agree with Caitlin's points. Nice and clean presentation is always a plus!


I noticed that right below the first image, every word in the text starts with a capitalized letter except for the word "saying." I'm assuming that it should also be capitalized?


The images do not appear to serve much purpose in this particular email other than to serve space (unless this is an unfinished version, I noticed "Place article copy here" in one of the blocks). But going off what I can see, they aren't tied into the reviews the colleagues are leaving. I could see them being used as dividers to split up the text monotony every couple of reviews, Also, some reviews have borders and some do not. I would make this uniform.


Same with the images at the bottom. There's a lot of them, but it's not telling me a story. Are these images hosted and organized on your website for specific properties? Maybe sharing one or two and then linking back to the website might work!


As Caitlin said, I'd hyperlink your email address. I'd also format the text to make it left-aligned.  Or if you do keep it center-aligned, maybe remove "Phone:" and "Email:" so it's just the actual number and address. I hope this helps!

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Hello @WanderleyR9!


I agree with Caitlin and Nick above - especially on the branding: great job - very clean and the look is well established and elegant. 


Lets talk click thru rate. There are 3 components to increasing your CTR for your emails. These are fundamental principles to get the best out of your email marketing campaigns.


Here goes...

  1. Subject line
  2. Opening line
  3. CTA (Call To Action)

Subject Lines:

  • Keep subject lines concise (around 50 characters or less)
  • Use a compelling hook or create a sense of urgency/curiosity
  • A/B test different subject line variations

Subject Line Examples:

  1. "Don't miss out: 50% off consulting fee ends tonight!"
  2. "You're invited: Wanderley's exclusive staging webinar"
  3. "Quick question about staging"


Email Content Opening Line

  • Write a compelling opening line or paragraph that draws the reader in
  • Use clear, concise, and conversational language
  • If possible, highlight the key benefits and value proposition

Email Opening Line Examples:

  1. "As a valued customer, we have an exclusive offer just for you."
  2. "Are you tired of your homes not moving fast enough? We have the solution."
  3. "I have an important question to ask you about home renewals..."


Calls-to-Action (CTAs):

  • Use action-oriented language ("Sign Up Now", "Download Here", etc.)
  • Make CTAs prominent, easily visible, and clickable 
  • Include multiple CTAs throughout the email (header, body, footer)
  • Experiment with different CTA styles (buttons, text links, experiment with different colors, etc.)
  • Create a sense of urgency or scarcity around the CTA

Compelling CTA Examples:

  1. "Unlock Your Potential - Join Now!"
  2. "Get Started for Free Today"
  3. "Upgrade Your Experience"
  4. "Accelerate Your Success - Learn More"
  5. "Transform Your Sales - Take the First Step"
  6. "Elevate Your Game - Sign Up With Us Today"
  7. "Ignite Your Sales - Explore Our Offerings"

The key to successful email marketing is being willing to keep experimenting and adjusting based on what works best for your specific audience. It's an ongoing process of trial and learning.


Keep a close eye on metrics like open rates and click-through rates to understand what's resonating. Pay attention to where people are dropping off too.


Actively seek out feedback from your subscribers as well - ask them what they'd like to see more or less of. What content did they find most useful or engaging? You may be surprised by their insights.


Then take that insight and feedback to heart. Tweak things like subject lines, email content, calls-to-action, send times - constantly look for ways to better connect with your audience's preferences and behaviors. Be willing to adapt your strategies over time as you learn more about what works.


It's an ongoing cycle of testing, analyzing, gathering feedback, refining, and optimizing. Stay curious, keep experimenting, and don't be afraid to switch things up based on what you're learning. 


Wishing you tons of success in your business!

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