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The background pattern automatically tiling, and not providing an option to use an image of your choice to span the width of the email/newsletter is frustrating. A tiled photo in a newsletter that you want to look professional is unattractive and looks outdated. A solution to this would be helpful.

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Thanks for posting this idea! 

It's Earth Day, and I would LOVE to put in a nice background image of local landscapes/forests but it's really hard to do when the background tiles by default. Hell, Windows 98 used to let you customize how (or if) the background tiled. Like somebody said on the community boards, it would be great to have an option to use a really large file as one big background or at least have the option to have one row at the bottom that faded up into a white/plain background. More choices are good - y'all can and should make this happen.
It would be nice to be able to add a background image that does not repeat tile.

Has there been a fix to this issue of tiled background images?  I need one solid background image that I created, not it tiled.  I need it now not a year from now!

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Does anyone know if there was progress on this suggestion? I also agree that this would be extremely helpful. I reached out to support and they provided me with dimensions to "fix" the tile and it was still unsuccessful in eliminating the tile. 


I think it's been a few years now that Constant Contact has not had a solution for the tiled background image when a user uploads their own background image. I've never bothered to send feedback on this issue, but after 3 years, it's really starting to irritate me. The hours I've spent over the years searching the internet for images that won't look tiled is ridiculous. 

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Same here!

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Bring back missing features such as customizable borders, dividers and coupons, (not the premade coupons or the premade dividers). Allow us to import our own backgrounds for more customizable email designs.
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