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How much will it cost to have a custom news letter made for me?

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Hello @JAVIERP48 ,


If you'd like to hire our designers to create a template, we offer a couple different options. If you'd like a basic overview of them, feel free to check out the Professional Template Design section of our Services page. If you're wanting the basic $79 package, you'll want to submit your website, a PDF example, your logo, or some other information so the designers can make something based off of those. For the With Consultation package, you'll get to work more directly with the designers for more complex designs, reworks, additional templates, custom animation, and more.


Some things to keep in mind with the designs is that they're still bound by the standards of the email builder, so HTML blocks, custom fonts, embedded forms, and other things not available in the editor aren't possible.


If you'd like to go over what both options offer in greater detail, I'd definitely recommend speaking with our phone support, and submitting your request through them - especially if you need to provide files that you want included in your design.

William A
Community & Social Media Support