Email layout changing when sending a test email

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Starting this week, whenever I send myself a test email to make sure that everything looks and is working properly, the spacing changes dramatically in my email client to what I designed. This has never happened to me before and I haven't changed email clients. For reference, I'm using Outlook 2019. When I send the test email to my personal hotmail or Gmail, it looks ok. It's only when it goes to my outlook. 

For reference, this is what the email is supposed to look like and this is how it appears in my inbox (doesn't matter if I view it in the reading pane or open the email in full). 


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @BuchnerManufacturing ,


After performing tests with our higher level technical team, your display issues appear to be related to an issue we've recently noticed with Outlook rendering buttons with large amounts of text. In your account you'll see a T2 copy where the text in the button has been slightly altered to avoid this Outlook-specific issue. Feel free to utilize that version of the email. Going forward, if you continue to see this issue, try reducing the text in any buttons you have in the email. If the issue occurs even with reduced text, you may also want to check your DPI settings, as we've seen similar issues in Outlook versions from zooms beyond 100%.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Hi -- Same issue occurring here.  In Outlook -- the layout Outlook imageOutlook image

and this one in gmail In GmailIn Gmail

This is occurring for each article -- it's like its losing the 'wrap text' feature..... 

Sending out regardless -- but would love resolutions for future campaigns.   (I am not seeing what you describe in the answer.... Can you clarify your correction guidance?  THANK YOU)