How to Prevent Re-subscribe Confirmation Emails Going to SPAM?


Hello Fellow Email Marketing Mavens, 


I recently set up a partner account for one of our clients. We are managing their marketing campaign and  attendee registration for their annual event at the end of October 2022. We had some of their contacts unsubscribe accidentally when we first start promoting the event. However, now they want to receive the information.


I can request to re-subscribe them in CC but they need to confirm it via an email. Regretfully, we are finding that the emails are going to "JUNK/SPAM" folders so the attendee is not seeing it and therefore not CONFIRMING it. Does anyone have any suggestions, best-practices or work-arounds? 


Hello @MarieEstelle ,


If their email programs are sending the confirmation emails to spam/junk, the easiest method for a contact to resubscribe to your client would be for them to go through one of the client's sign up forms. Your client could even potentially make a super simple "Accidentally unsubscribe? Sign back up quick here!" landing page form, with a section for just the contact's email address, or where they have the option to add additional new contact info as part of the resubscribe if they so desire. Then that simple landing page can be readily and easily shared to those having trouble getting your confirmation emails.


If they contact is unable to get signed back up through a sign up form or through the resub email, you or your client can request our Review team do a manual override of the unsubscription. You’ll need to get an email directly from the contact explicitly stating they want to be resubscribed. Then you’ll need to call into the Review team, and follow their processes from there.


Since there are a number of legal and Compliance-related elements to unsubscribing and resubscribing, we have to make sure one of these three resubscription processes is followed.

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