The Website Is Always Down!

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The Website Is Always Down!

I work on a computer all day, and have never experienced a website being 'down' as often as Constant Contact. I use this for one of my company's primary email services, and would LOVE to see some improvements. I had an updated version of the website for a few days (updated tools in email creation, more convenient and customizable content options, etc.) and now none of those updates are an option anymore. Please continue to make improvements and bug fixes. I would really like to continue my subscription instead of switching to a different provider, but it has been frustrating lately. 

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While attempting to work on some email marketing this morning, the website has crashed, or went down, had some kind of issue, 3 times already within 1 hour! This is not nearly the first time this has happened either. It's not my work computer or internet connection. I never have any issues with other sites, just Constant Contact. Always crashing and delaying, quite regularly. Happens at least once a day, and I use this email tool very often. Please make some improvements! 


Hello @SusanH7437 ,


While I understand that you aren't experiencing these issues on other sites, there's nothing on our end indicating a dip in server performance at the time of your posting. I've also not seen any interruption in connectivity while working in my and other customers' accounts for troubleshooting.


Please check all connectivity troubleshooting elements, especially clearing your browser cache and checking your browser extensions/plugins for any of them interfering with site elements loading properly. Please also make sure that if you're running any security apps or a VPN, that you have our domains safelisted so they don't cause interference with the site.


Additionally, if the connectivity troubleshooting doesn't alleviate your issue, please call our general support the next time the issue occurs so they can screenshare and troubleshoot live. Please also make sure to run a speed test, and have the details of that test ready (including additional info like upload latency, your ISP, etc.)


I'm also not sure what you mean by "none of those options are available anymore," since I looked in your account, and there were only emails built using the current editor that'd been made recently.

William D
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