Tracking person's email that click different buttons from landing page

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Hi, Scenario: If a person (lets say a customer called John and his email is who clicks a button that falls on the landing page (Landing page 1), and he also clicks 4 different buttons (self created buttons) at Landing Page 1, will the the creator of the landing page able to track or know that it is john (with the email showing on the tracking side in constant contact)? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you and regards CH.
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Hello @FirstNameL10623 (CH),


If your contact John opens an email you've sent that contains a link to the landing page, clicks on that link to go to the landing page, then clicks links within that landing page, the tracking system will identify the links John clicked and when for the page.


If someone clicks a link to your CLP from outside an email, then their reported clicks and other engagement with the page would be considered anonymous.


For an overview of everything a custom landing page's reporting can provide, and what needs to be done to receive certain bits of info, I'd advise checking out our main article on the topic.

William A
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