Wordpress Constant Contact Erasing Previous Information

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We are making a simple sign-up page for a special deal from our Wordpress site using a Constant Contact plug-in with Gravity Forms, where the only information to give is the email.


We are running into an issue where all basic information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) are being erased simply because there was not another box to include this information.


We are using auto-fill with hidden boxes to get around this (more or less), but wondered if we could pass on the request that this issue is addressed.


Thank you very much, and God Bless,



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Hello @BenjaminH3329 ,


This would indicate that Gravity Forms is forcing the blank info through as new information, resulting as the override. An integration developed by us or a regular upload into our system with blank info would not result in an override. I'd advise reaching out to Gravity Forms' support for assistance as we do not have access to their systems.

William A
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