Climbing the Community Ranks: Leveling Up Your Marketing Expertise


Ranking systems are like milestones on a journey, where progress is measured by points and levels. They not only distinguish experienced users but also provide a sense of accomplishment. With points, levels, and ranks, members are constantly motivated to make progress and reach new heights. Let's delve into the world of ranks; what they are, and the meaning behind them.


  • Rookie is the default rank upon joining and encourages exploration and initial participation.
  • Campaign Contributor recognizes users who actively contribute across various community features.
  • Campaign Collaborator encourages collaboration and teamwork, rewarding users who engage deeply and help solve community challenges.
    • Perk: Users gain access to Direct Messaging (DM) feature.
  • Campaign Expert recognizes users with specialized knowledge and consistent valuable contributions.
  • Brand Influencer identifies influential members who shape discussions and drive engagement within the community.
  • Brand Strategist rewards users who actively mentor and support others, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and growth.
  • Brand Visionary acknowledges members who demonstrate strategic thinking, innovation, and thought leadership within the community.
    • Perk: Users gain access to profile signatures.
  • Marketing Expert honors members who envision the future of the community, drive impactful initiatives, and inspire others with their ideas.
  • Marketing Legend the highest achievable rank, reserved for legendary members who have made significant and enduring contributions to the community, leaving a lasting impact on its growth and success.


How do I increase my ranking?


There's math behind it, but the most important thing to know is the more you create posts, engage in forum discussions and leave comments on blog posts, give and receive kudos, and write meaningful responses that can be marked as solutions to help other members; you'll rise quickly!


As you ascend the ranks, your dedication and expertise in the Constant Contact Community will be recognized. From Rookie to Marketing Legend, each rank represents a milestone in your journey. Keep engaging, sharing insights, and inspiring others as we empower marketers worldwide. Let's thrive together!


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