More conditional options to trigger automated series, branching options and queues based on actions

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Currently only "Contact Field Is Not __" is possible for enrollment criteria. I'm surprised there is only one option. I can't use this feature without the other option.


Ideally, "Contact Field Contains __" would be useful in many cases too, but at the bare minimum an exact match shouldn't be hard to add.

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Hi @LARRYR941. Thank you for the feedback on our automation builder! We have an open request to allow for more customization and options when selecting the criteria for an automated series. We'll mark this idea as Acknowledged and follow up if we hear any updates or changes.

I've moved over to Constant Contact from HubSpot and am pretty dissapointed with the lack in capabilities with the Path Builder automations. Currently, the 'Conditional Split Conditions' are extremely limited. I want to be able to add conditions like: - If the contact was SENT a specific email within 'X' days - If the contact is on a specific LIST - If the contact has been added to 'X' LIST within the last 'X' days - If a CUSTOME FIELD on the clients profile is YES Will any of these conditions be added anytime soon? It would make a huge difference to the capabilities on Path Builder and create more opportunities for success for Contact Contact business customers.
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Suggestion:  Can there be a trigger to add a contact to a new series at the end of an existing series   ...  


when a customer leaves a list (not unscubscribed but delted off of a list)

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