Ability to turn off Stacking columns on mobile

Not all content necessarily follows the same format of being presented like a table, and currently the only option for mobile view is for the content to be stacked vertically row-by-row. Sometimes this may be exactly what the campaign builder intended (reading left-to-right in a table of information). However, sometimes contrasting information was designed side-by-side for the web version of the email for readability, but should actually be stacked column-by-column in the mobile version in order to make sense to the mobile reader. It would be incredibly helpful to have a "mobile view option" checkbox just before sending to select if columns should be ordered by rows or columns (same concept as deciding print settings just before sending a doc to a printer).

Brand Influencer

ABSOLUTELY! PLEASE REVERSE THE AUTOMATIC STACKING FEATURE. What I create on my laptop/desktop is what I want presented to my more than 5,000 weekly readers. For more than 10 years they've had this readable format. Now they have to scroll so much to read my two columns. The NONSTACKABLE version is more of an at-a-glance approach, allowing readers to zero in on their area of interest.  PLEASE REVERSE THIS FEATURE!


Thank you!

Marketing Legend

Really like DrewVB427's idea of a reverse stacking option. I'd advocate for offering BOTH this and a "turn off stacking" checkbox. I hadn't thought of the possibility of reverse stacking but it would be a good solution for many of the problems we're seeing in mobile layouts. Sometimes the way we want it to look on desktop doesn't lead to the desirable stacking on mobile view. CC has taken away so many thing (like indents, editing html code, etc.) in the name of creating good mobile layouts that you'd think they could let us make just a few decisions!


I'm here in 2023 and still looking to be able to not stack in Mobile. Phone screens can be huge, and we should be able to format at least 2-3 columns for mobile newsletters.


I would also like more control over the mobile version of our emails. I'm coming from Emma, and they made it easy to modify every element for mobile. 

Brand Influencer

Yes! I've been asking for this ever since the layout for mobile changed. PLEASE, CONSTANT CONTACT, listen to your customers and let us design our newsletters as we'd like them read by our own customers! PLEASE!

Campaign Contributor

This should already be the case! Do we have an update on when this will be available? Columns should not be stacked in mobile view. 

Brand Influencer

IT STILL STACKS.  How do you UNstack?  Thanks in advance..

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