Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Is there a way to search for specific campaigns, by typing in the file name? There used to be a search feature and now my only option is to sort?
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I need a search function for the emails! I can't scroll through all these campaigns every time someone asks me what we did last year. This is crazy!
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CostumeC, I locate it on page 6 of this thread.  Thanks.


on ‎04-25-2016 01:01 PM

I stumbled upon a way to view old emails in a simple list with pagination, like the old design had. Works with Firefox and Chrome... I imagine all browsers would work.


You already have this design and functionality. Why you don't offer it makes no sense at all. 


Here's what I have to do:


1. Log in to Constant Contact

2. Go to Campaigns or View All Campaigns

3. Begin the process of Copying an email by clicking Copy

4. It asks to name the copy, just click Next

5. Don't save anything, just click the Exit button in upper left area (ignore the warning to save your work)

6. This takes you back to Home.  Now click the Back button on your browser

7. Says Document Expired. So just refresh to resubmit form

8. Now you get a clean list of all emails, with pagination at the bottom.


Why do you make this so hard, Constant Contact? You have this functionality already built, but you hide it on purpose? Make us click "View more Campaigns" a hundred times to see emails from a year ago? Makes no sense at all, doesn't seem like your new design was created by someone who actually manages and sends emails.



Hi, It would be great and extremely helpful if there is a search tab for the campaigns as most of the users of Constant Contact we have hundreds of campaigns/past emails sent and would like to be able to allocate them more easily. Thank you. Regards, Angell Gallery

Hello @JamieA50246


That is a great feature request. I will definitely relay the feedback to out engineering team and hopefully we can have that feature at a future date. You can also vote for this idea using the link below. I also place this post in that feedback area so our engineers can see it directly.

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It was bad enough when I had to search past campaigns page by page, but at least then I could keep track of where things were. Now, to search the past, it is just scrolling down, then adding more, etc. But if you do something else and come back, you have to go through the entire process again, and there is no marker for where you are, so it requires scanning endlessly through each page, over and over. Why can't we search for campaigns by keyword? That would make it SO much easier. We routinely update past campaigns to use them again, but finding the old ones is a complete pain.

Notice how old this thread is? For how many years do customers have to ask for a search function before any action is taken?

Hi! Is there a possibility that one more sorting option on the Campaign Home page could be provided? It would be great if our active events/campaigns could come to the top instead of getting pushed further down on our list under our sent campaigns. Thank you! Kris Peterson
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Hello??? Anyone listening??? Have called numerous times and written requests asking for the ability to be able to GO BACK to the feature we had before where we could look back several pages to review past work. How about a search ability???? Or go back 2 or more pages. This having to scroll back page by page is unbelievably annoying. When are you going to do something about this? Anybody??
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What is it going to take to get a search function for campaigns? This is 3 weeks of nothing happening on CC's end... and a lot of our time wasted asking for this feature, as well as trying to find old emails. We need this feature now. Thank you

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