Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!



PLEASE give us a SEARCH function.  You miss the point with trying to sell the sort function for most of us who have their own business processes. 


If it is server cycles, limit the search to titles or dates -- may be a year between search dates so for five years worth of searches you have to do five searches (but let us keep the results).


Less welcome, but better than now -- How about allowing us to EXPORT titles in an excel file with page numbers?  Maybe we can ARCHIVE the email campaigns to our own computers and search keywords there -- you can limit an export to 50 at a time or something like that.  ANYTHING.


We tried the sort function and it is a waste of time when you are in a dynamic environment.  We have hundreds of email campaigns.

It would be incredibly helpful and convenient to have a search function for previous posts (either by subject line or word. or section) to be able to find past posts to re-post. I have been using CC on a 52 week looping basis for 3 years now and am spending so much time trying to find what I would like to send for the week's post. Very time consuming!

Please restore the search functionality. As a marketing professional trying to get something out the door that was done previously but have to search for it really throws of your day. I don't have time to look through page by page for something sent over a year ago. 

Marketing Legend

I send emails to a different countries, and it would be useful to be able to "Tag" emails and search for/view - only certain emails at a time.


Or just a search bar in the Campaigns folder. I "Tag" my campaigns using the title at the moment, so for example, I tag an Australian eshot with "AU", Italy with "IT", then also by subject such as "Fantasy Egg" or "Dinosaur Egg" . So that makes it a little easier to find them all, but it would be able to search by typing in, for example; "Fantasy" & "IT", then I'd know which emails I have for "Fantasy Eggs" going out to "Italy". 



Campaign Contributor
Am I missing something? I'm not seeing a search function, and am instead scrolling through a large number of events every time I need to view one. The sort function helps but not enough. Can you provide a search so I may type in an event title and pull it up that way? Thank you
Campaign Contributor
If I want to look at all past campaigns regarding Halloween, I need to guess how many pages back to look. If there is a way to search by date or title or keyword, I don't know about it.
Campaign Contributor

It is SUPER frustrating to have to go through over 1000 emails whenever I am looking for something I sent previously.


Also, the folders aren't helpful unless I can click a button to show me all of the ones that aren't currently in folders. As it is, all I can do is guess which ones are in folders and which ones aren't.

Marketing Legend

Given the lack of response by CC to most suggestions - what I have discovered was probably put in without any great intention:


That is -

1. Click on Campaigns on the top menu; then next to the orange "Create" button is an icon that will display your "Marketing Calendar View"; 

2. Use the navigation next to the displayed month and year to go back to the period of time you wish to search;

3. Clickable links to all your emails are there on the calendar; click the email you want;

4. In the popup window click "More Details";

5. On the email page click more actions;

6. Use whichever one you need. 


I like the "Share URL" because now you have a direct pipeline to that email for future use.  While this is not exactly the "Search" feature we have all been wishing for, at least this tool make the search a little easier.


Again - I am pretty much cynical about most changes by CC, but this one seems to actually help.  Let's how long it is available.


Happy Hunting.

Campaign Contributor

How is there now search option?  Our account is used by 8 staff members, contributing to thousands of emails.  Pretty hard to find one email with now search engine.  Please fix!


Absolutely necessary function!

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