Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Brand Influencer
The new feature or changes are NOT user friendly. You don't have a search field on the dashboard and things are not easy to find. Why was it changed? Why make it harder for the user?
Please, oh Please! Set up a search bar for email subjects. We have been a customer for quite some time and it is hard to find certain emails we have sent out. This would truly expedite the process of searching for emails and make our day more productive! Thank you!

I just wrote the same comment! We need this to get more votes!

Marketing Legend

In addition to the search feature, it would also be nice if the campaign list was "paged" rather than an infinite list so that once we know, for example, that an email is on page 5, we can keep jumping to page 5 rather than continuing to hit the "more campaigns" button.
Can you please add a search bar so it is easier to search for older campaigns than to page thru all the years looking for it?
How many years and requests have to be made for you guys to offer a simple search option for campaigns?

I agree. Please, please, please add a search feature to find emails.

Hi there! I would love to see a search bar option added in order to find past campaigns. This would be very helpful for our dance studio, as we structure our email communications and events around the same time every year. It would be a more efficient way to send notices to our families if we could see what was sent in the past and if we need to provide more information the next time. Thank you for your services and we hope to see this added soon!!
we should be able to search for old sent emails by typing in a name.
Campaign Contributor

I appreciate when you make updates.  As an active long time user - I often revert back to past campaigns.  Previously there was a search option via page.  This was helpful rather than the a-z and the z-a or having to continue to load page after page.  I was able to take an estimated guess back on how many pages a campaign would be and easily click the page number.


If you are able to bring this back - I would be a happier customer. 


Thank you

Mary Frank

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