Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Marketing Advisor

Have you tried to sort the emails from oldest to newest or A-Z feature at the upper right hand side under the campaigns tab?



You may also try going to the status selection on the left hand side of the page to zero in on the older campaigns. I also recommend to use the folders option and putting the campaigns you want to easily access in the folders. I will also let our VOC team know of this feature request. Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi @mhanan,


I'm sorry that we don't currently have the ability to search keywords across multiple email campaigns -- but we encourage you to pass along this idea directly to our product teams. You can post it in the feedback section of the Community. Have a great day!

The previous system thought not great was much, much quicker. Please could you add a search function for campaigns????? Please!!
Constant Contact Partner
Since the system was updated, it has take me three times as long to find a past campaign. Add a search bar, or go back to the numbered pages of past emails. It's very frustrating.
Campaign Contributor

I completely agree it's VERY frustrating!. Much prefered the numbered pages across the bottom. 


I used Constant Contact 4 years ago, and I could use a template and enter my own html and css. What the hell happened? Then when I ask support for answers, they send me a link to an outdated doc.

All I want to do is use my own background image in my email campaign and can't do it. 

I custom coded an email with my own background image, and can't save it as a template. Then "Tier 2" decided to "help" me with custom coding, and they put a background image over my background image!


I have seen page after page of people complaining about this, but no answers! And what's the voting about???? Just answer the freaking question!!!!



Ps: I can't even see where to post my own comment, and can only comment on someone else's. (Btw, your subject line is perfect!)

Campaign Contributor
Please add a search feature to the campains since you only allow a few to be viewed at once. Being able to search back a year (for an annual email for example) would be really helpful. Since your last upgrade, it's harder to find older email campaigns.
If I would like to see a campaign I sent two years ago - what's the fastest way for me to find it? If I know the File Name, is there a way to search to find it quickly? Do I have to go through hundreds of sent campaigns in order to find it - or is there a fast way to find it in 30 seconds? Thank you.
I can't see the names of my old emails in your CAMPAIGN settings. Love the social media scheduling ALOT!
Campaign Contributor

Have to say I completely agree as well. 


Please give us page numbers back!

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