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Add to Calendar link does not include link to Online Event in Add to Calendar Location

Please give users the ability to customize the content in the "Add to Calendar" .ics file that registrants can download and add to their iCalendars. This functionality is important, especially now that many companies and organizations are hosting webinars/online meetings.


Currently, when registrants download the .ics file, the copy in the auto-generated invite contains the link to register for the event. Why include this link to register when they've already registered for the event? Instead, we should be able to copy and paste the link to the online event (usually a Zoom, Webex or online meeting link) as well as the login information (access codes, meeting numbers, etc.)

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Hi all. This idea was submitted when our Legacy Event tool was active. It has since been decommissioned. All events are created using the Events 2.0 tool.


At this time, this functionality is not included in Events 2.0 but we are continuing to collect feedback and measure the need to include the online event URL within the Add to Calendar link. Please engage with this post so it is properly tracked with our Product teams. We are closing this post for future comments.


The registration confirmation includes the online event URL. Registrants will need to manually add the link in their calendars.

I have a consistent problem with the "add to calendar" link that is automatically added to the registration confirmation message. It would be a tremendous help if I could edit the link for our online events. Specifically, the url address of the online session platform is preferred. Our guests are confused and anxious when they click this link from their calendar only to arrive back at the Constant Contact registration page.

Hi LenaC,


Thank you so much for this feedback. I'm sorry if this is creating confusion for your registrants whenever they click the "Add to Calendar" link and the calendar entry provides them the direct Event URL instead of just the online event URL. This is how it's currently set up but we will be happy to look into giving options for online events to make this modification. Until this feature is available, I do have a couple of ways on how they can get to your online session's link:


1. You can add it to your Landing Page as a link in one of the blocks (this way they see it when they click the calendar link)

2. You can add it to your confirmation email and page. Here's the FAQ on how you can do that: Add Link to Confirmation Page or Email


Please continue voting for this feature and other features you want. Our Product Team use these suggestions to improve our tools. Thanks!



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The .ics file is a file which includes information regarding an event. When clicked on it will open your native email program and save the details to your calendar (when embedded as an html link). When included as an attachment it will save the details of the event to the email program in which it was opened. There within lies the problem, other programs that help to manage people day to day activities such as gmail, hotmail, live, yahoo... etc it only works if it is included as an attachment, not as an html link.How are you guys working on this issue? Is eventspot ever going to allow someone to post the item to any calendar other than yours? Please let me know. Bryan
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I recently sent out an RSVP message and found out after sending that when they clicked the "add to calendar" link (below) from the confirmation page, the time was off by an hour.


My event is at noon the .ics that is downloaded added it at 1pm.



I am sending from CST so I'm assuming this is the issue. Either way, this is a bad situation if people are adding the event to their calendars and not noticing the time is off. I'll have to send another email to them with an updated .ics explaining the issue and will not be able to use the RSVP function until resolved.


That link should me removed until the issue is resolved. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.19.26 PM.png


Thank you.

When you click add to calendar it pulls information for location/date/time, etc. But when it is an online event it doesn't pull the online event information "links & description (which may include call-in#'s). Users have to find the confirmation email in order to get that information instead of going to their calendar to join events (which is typical for outlook, iOS, gmail, etc).

Just had the same issue today. STill no idea on how to fix it. Sad.


Agree - very frustrating work around - as is the inability to send automatic reminders and/or to resend to those who didn't register


4 years later and still no fix...

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still doesn't appear to be fixed. 

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