Allow text element to be hidden(display:none) in emails created using CC's template builder

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Recently we have run into a problem with email spam filtering software opening emails and clicking on all the links. Our workaround solution is to put a link at the very top of the email that is not visible to a human. This is easy to do on custom html emails: <div style="display:none;"><a href="">.</a></div>


But the only thing I have been able to do so far for emails created with the template builder is to put a tiny period at the top of the email that is the smallest font size and is the same color as the background color so it is invisible to the human eye. Only problem with this is that it creates extra whitespace at the top of the emails and technically humans can click on it still. It would be really nice for our company if this could be implemented.


Thanks for listening!

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Hello @DennisS579 ,


Just to clarify, the URL you enter into your custom code emails prevents contacts' spam filters from triggering clicks and opens for your reporting? Or it's your solution for otherwise confirming which contacts are using such filters?

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This is just my solution to tell the difference between human clicks vs software clicks. I add all the emails who clicked the hidden link to a list, export that to a spreadsheet where I update a custom field for software detection to "yes", the export all contacts back into constant contact, then I export all contact that clicked on any link in a given email, then I sort the spreadsheet of all the contacts by my custom field categroy and delete all the rows that are marked "yes". This is my work around solution, and it would be complete if there was a way to set an element to have a style="display:none" (in other words, ability to make text elements hidden in CC's visual template editor.

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Thank you for the follow-up info. This is kind of an amalgamation of several feature and usability requests we've received - ability to edit HTML / add custom code blocks in the regular editor, and easier ways to identify and omit contacts that utilize security bot opens/clicks from reporting. 


I've escalated your current method of identifying and handling to our higher level technical team, while they get the use case / potential explorative path added to the existing requests. 

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Cool! Hopefully this is added soon :smileyface:

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